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Professional Book Production Services for The Independent Author.

“Let us help to make your book project journey a little easier.”


Professional graphic design services provided for many different industries. Small business and individual author branding to large corporate support in packaging, publishing, signage, and marketing online or in print. View SAMPLES of our work.


Working in the industry for many years has given us access to some of the best names in book editing. Depending on the level of expertise you require, we have editors of all levels of experience who work with us on our book projects. From writing professors to picture book editors and copy editors who have worked with such companies as Harper Collins, Random House and more.


Our designers offer creative solutions to the flow, function and appeal of your book. In choosing the proper fonts, deciding were and how the text will flow with illustrations and design elements.

As with the editing services we offer, our design services come with experience of various levels that you may choose for your specific needs. We can also supply an ISBN number, bar code and registration or guide you in purchasing your own for your self-publishing needs.


Our primary illustrator is Award-winning artist, Lorraine Dey who has over 40 years of professional illustration experience working with Art Directors and Publishers. She has a very broad range of styles and can assist with any type of graphic images that are needed for your project. Everything from realistic and instructional “step” illustration line-art to whimsical and fun children’s illustration. Please request samples in the style that best suits your book or project.

View Lorraine’s online portfolio for…

Children’s book illustration

Advertising and editorial illustration.


Our designers have over 30 years of experience in every aspect of file preparation for final print publication. Be assured that your final digital files will be prepared to proper specifications for your book printer. Uploading, proofing and any modifications if necessary can be carried out accordingly if you choose to use our services to do this. We can provide you with the final PDF file to do the printer upload and proofing yourself as well.


We offer this service as a stand-alone project or included with our production and illustration package. Many authors prefer to handle their own text page production and printing, however they are in need of a professionally designed cover for their book. It is truly one of the more important areas to focus your attention and budget on. Let us help your book to look it’s best at first glance!


We offer a variety of options in the area of final book printing, should you wish to hire our services to provide final print production. We have already done the leg work and found the best printers that offer the highest quality and valued service for the lowest cost. Everything from baby board books, hardcover picture books, softcover coloring books and manuals to exterior book cases, consumer packaging, plush-toy book companions and more.

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