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“The Rain Forest Party”

This is a Second Edition printing, English-only version of a Hardcover children's picture book written and illustrated by Lorraine Dey. ($24.95 Price includes $8.00 shipping). For more than one book, please "contact us" directly for shipping costs.


Hector-Armando was a little Armadillo who wanted to find his special talent to share with his friends at the big rain forest party. He noticed his friends were all busy collecting things and practicing their own talents to get ready for the big party. As he came upon his friends, he would try to do the same things they were doing, but he just wasn’t fast enough, or his legs were too
short, or he wasn’t tall enough. He tried again and again, but became sad to realize he may
not have any special talents until he suddenly became aware of a hidden talent that was
there all along. Something mother nature had given him. Now he could share a very special
talent with friends at “The Rain Forest Party”. A Mom’s Choice Award-Winner now available from Deystudio, LLC.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-950846-16-0


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